I am an experimental guitarist currently based in Paris. My work is based on improvisation, and new compositional models, performer/composer practice, works for solo electric guitar, group settings, and sound installations.


With percussionist Ruben Orio I am a founding member of the Third Guy duo, where we are interested in exploring a band setting as a compositional platform. We therefore constantly collaborate with other artists, and explore boundaries between improvisation, and composition as well as music and other artistic media. I am also a founding member of the Paris based group Replicant with saxophone player Joshua Hyde, and drummer Benjamin Soistier, where we engage in collective composition processes based on rules, interaction strategies, and formal approaches.



As a performer, composer or both I have presented my work at festivals and venues around Europe, South America and United States such as Musica festival Strasbourg, Klangspuren festival Innsbruck, Cafe Oto, Spectrum NYC, Rhizome DC Washington, Metelkova Ljubljana, the Venice Biennale etc. This very often includes collaborations with the Ictus ensemble from Brussels, and the PlusMinus ensemble from London.


I’ve released music on labels Zavod Sploh, Migro records, Roam, and Inexhaustible Editions, which includes my original work as well as music by composers Michael Maierhof, Vinko Globokar, Juan Camilo Vasquez, Michael Pisaro-Liu, and Peter Ablinger among others.





34 rue Poulet

75018 Paris



+33 7 83 87 65 23